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Gaming night 10.6 – Tichu Fever

So what did we play?
Crows, Kingdom Builder, Tichu (twice), Strasbourg and Qwixx

I didn’t take part in all games, but I’ll still put up a short review for those I skipped out on.


So what do we have new for today? I’ve changed the theme of the blog for something that will allow me to put up the new logo for israeli meeples which is, so surprising… An Israeli meeple, designed by the Talented Efrat Sionov for my request. So thanks Efrat!
The new theme also changes the way I write things, as the “See more” button loses some of its powers, as there is no need for it, as new posts are already shortened to something really short, which made me change the way I write posts a bit. I’ll start with what we’ll have in the post (“So what did we play?” section for game session posts) and only after that will I put the general “new post!” comment that I usually started the post with. And by “new post!” comment I mean the part you are just reading. The gaming night description that started before the “new post!” and continued to the content will be all after the “new post!”

That’s all for now, your feedback is really appreciated! And sorry for not having gaming pictures for most of the games today…


Gaming night 10.6

Location: Theirry’s apartment

Participants: Ori (me), Thierry, Amir, Zohar, Assaf, Efrat, Serj, Daniel, Ilia.

Well, this time, as in every week we meet at Thierry’s place and we were quite a lot of people (9 people in total) so we got divided into two tables through all the night. I’ll just be short about the scoring and what went on in the other side of the games, as I didn’t take part in their games, and as I was too entranced in my second and third game (and we aren’t used to taking pictures yet) that I forgot to take a pictures of their second and third game.


Crows (about 1 hour with explanations)

Assaf* 68, Zohar 56, Efrat 45, Thierry 43

Well, I’m not even sure how to play this game, something with creating tiles with crows and then getting the crows to you using jewelery to score points. As I understood Zohar had a big lead in the game, but as all players went against him in the end, Assaf took the victory.

Crows ending game position

Crows ending game position


Strasbourg (about an hour and 45 minutes with explanations)

Thierry won with a big lead. Played – Thierry, Amir, Ilia, Daniel and Serj

As I said before, I didn’t really take the time to track the other games, so what Thierry said to describe the game is “no one really understood the game so it was apparent in the score”. Ilia told me that they only got the game in the last few rounds, so I guess there is an agreement on the subject.
I want to play that game again, as the only time I played it so far I lost…


Qwixx (about 45 minutes with explanations)

Thierry won the game. Played – Thierry, Amir, Daniel

Well, Thierry made a proxy of the game to see how it is, as this game is nominated to Spiel Des Jahre (The german “Game of the year”, a well-known title), and he wanted to know how it goes.
From what I understood from Daniel, you have 4 bars of numbers from 2 to 12, Two go from 2 to 12 and two from 12 to 2, and each turn you need to mark one number on the board (two if it’s your turn) so you never go back in the bar, if you mark 6 in a bar that goes up, you can’t mark a 5 in it. There are more rules, but I’m not here to explain them, you can read them yourself 😛
The only thing I know about this game (as we were overly entranced in the work of playing Tichu at the time) is that Thierry said it’s a great drinking game.


Kingdom Builder (about 1 hour with explanations)

Ori* (Orange) 49, Daniel* (White) 49, Amir (Blue) 47, Serj (Black) 26

Finally we are going into games I played!
I like the game so I taught the guys the game and started. They understood it quite quickly and as they knew I know the game they did a lot of acts of “You really thought we’ll let you go that way?”
We played with cards that tells you to have presence in each of the four sectors of the map, get the biggest connected group and have a lot of presence around castles and locations. We had the “move 2 squares” “put another in your terrain” “complete the 4th in a row” and “move one to your terrain” abilities.
The game was fierce and hard, and I had not enough luck and even did a stupid mistake (that cost me winning alone), and I was also stupid enough to announce that I’ve ended the game when I really didn’t want to end it and had no choice in the matter, just because… I didn’t notice I had 4 more houses hiding in the bag. It seems that in the end they somewhat saved me (although a turn before I thought I’ll finish it I foolishly tried to prevent game end) and I managed to score the highest score together with Daniel, although everyone were betting on Amir to win, but as he didn’t fulfil the conditions as well as us, he lost by 2 points.
Serj asked me to mention (and well, for a good reason) that he didn’t understand the winning conditions right, or the game, which made him think he needs to have presence in all terrains, and not in all sectors.

Rate: this was a good short game and I want to play it again. Although it’s my third game in it, it seems that only by that game did I really understand how the game mechanism work (well, I somehow managed to put myself in the last sector 2 turns to the end, that was… super hard, and really exhausting on mechanism use)

Kingdom Builder end game

Kingdom Builder end game


Tichu first run (First run in one and a half hours)

(Assaf + Efrat)* 1100 (Ori + Zohar) 800

Well, that was… A shameful display of powers, as I lost to my girlfriend, which was quite new to the game (Her 3rd game of Tichu, I think), and I was… Whining all the time. Like, I was always “but why didn’t I play it that way, but why did I have to do such a stupid mistake?!” To the level Assaf asked me to mention this on the blog, so here it is Assaf, I said I was whining ;; Hope you are happy! They even made a joke about how it’s impossible to wipe the puddle of tears I created from the floors.
The game, BTW, had 2 times where Assaf and Efrat were betting on Tichu, and managed to go out together, meaning they got 300 points. Both times I could have probably stopped it in some way, and the second time it happened was in the last game, meaning we were tied but then that happened and finished the game, which made me go all like “;;”

So for Tichu there are no end game position pictures, as it’s quite meaningless, as we play the same game for a lot of rounds.


Tichu second run! (second run took one hour and stopped near the end)

(Efrat + Ori)* 870, (Assaf + Zohar) 530

Well, it seems like my girlfriend was really shinning in Tichu today, although it was her third or fourth game, made me a bit proud. This game ended before we finished getting to 1000 as gaming time ended and Thierry asked us to go (although we tried to sneak in as many games as we managed).
Notable things: I Tichued 4 times and won those 4 Tichus (All because I wrote my name with a T (for Troll) instead of O). The last two tichus, BTW, were me risking a bit because I gave Efrat the hound, and after I shouted at her that she should never pass me the Hound unless she means to Tichu, I had to give her a good example, and a good example that it was The 2nd Tichu BTW was all like – the dragon was with Efrat, I had a bomb of 4 and 3 Aces, which was an obvious call.
Another notable moment was the game where I had a bomb of 10, but as I had a hunch on what’s going on I didn’t Tichu, Efrat managed to go out first, and I was waiting for a good chance with the bomb, which happened when Assaf played 2 kings at once, for a 60 points move.
Although that, the most notable moment of them all was a game where Efrat started and had a series from the mahajong up to the Jack (11 cards!) so she obviously tichued, as she had the Dragon in her hand. What we didn’t expect is that Zohar has 2 to Queen, so he answered, Tichued, and then played 2 Aces to kill us off. I’m still not sure what hit us that game… But the important thing is that we won in the end!

Rate: Do I really need to rate Tichu? Well, I love Tichu and it’s a wonderful thinking game, although I have a lot of stupid mistakes in it. I’m glad that Efrat won the two games, although I really hate losing!


That’s all for now, will be back in two days for more games, and there are enough of those.

Ori Markovitch!


3 comments on “Gaming night 10.6 – Tichu Fever

  1. Isabel
    June 30, 2013

    Cool! I just bought Kingdom Bulder a month and a bit ago. It’s good for newer gamers, very quick to pick up and has potential to get a little more interesting once you know the rules.

    • ThE WoRm
      June 30, 2013

      Yeah, it’s a simple game with a simple mechanism, so it’s quite easy to get into (and it’s really really fast) but on the other hand it’s a complex game with a big replay value as no two games of it are the same, given everything that can get randomized in creating a game.

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